Finding the cause of hair loss

No one knows exactly what causes most cases of hair loss. A range of factors are likely. Heredity, hormonal imbalances, stress, nutritional imbalances and immune system malfunction are the most likely causes. 
Hair loss symptoms are, receding hair line, breakage of hairs, patchy baldness. It represent a cosmetic problem for both men and women, but may also be a sign of a more harmful health condition.
Scientific research has not been able to arrive at a cause that fits all cases of hair loss. Thus those who suffer from this condition are left to guess as to its cause.

Tackling this the right way

Those affected often cover up their hair loss with painful cosmetic transplant procedures, toupees and wigs. Some try to reverse the condition with allopathic drugs. Others look for alternative remedies to regrow their hair.

None of these methods guarantees to reverse hair loss. But if you are losing your hair or suffer from hair loss it is worth it to try a remedy that has sweeping health benefits for scalp and hair. And that is Hadens Potion™ N°1 – Misty Hair Tonic.

Hair loss treatment solution

A solution that is simple, yet effective

There have been no formal scientific studies on the use of Hadens Potion™ N°1 – Misty Hair Tonic to treat Alopecia. But there is some evidence that it helps reverse hair loss from those that have used it.

Works easily and quickly

Before & After Pictures using Hadens Potion™ N°1 to treat hair loss shows the hair growing back. Hadens Potion™ N°1 was sprayed along the hairline morning and night. The tonic was then left to penetrate the scalp and air-dry, leaving no oily or visible traces. Results started being felt by test-subject within 7 days, a calming and strengthening feel to the affected area. After about 3-4 weeks visible results started showing and after 12 weeks the difference in regrowth was clearly evident. Hadens Potion™ N°1 was then sprayed on the affected area for another 4 weeks, 16 weeks in total. A checkup made an additional 48 weeks after the treatment was terminated showed all regrown hair still healthy and alive and no hair had started falling out again.


“After applying Potion N°1 to the bald areas over the past couple of weeks, my hair is filling back in again. After 2 weeks, the hair is short and thin but it is growing back in. The regrowth appears to be working with just spraying Potion N°1 to my scalp. “