Purifies Protects Strengthens

Modern skincare in a better way

Hadens Potion™ N°3 Misty Silver, exquisite protection for your skin

Contains only natural ingredients and has immediate effect where applied

  • Powerful antimicrobial

  • Accelerates skin renewal

  • Regulates skin flora

  • Protects within seconds

Strengthens protects skin virus fungus bacteria

Potion N°3 protects your skin

Pure Silver Mist

Hadens Potion™ N°3 is a powerful antimicrobial and accelerates skin renewal helping to regulate skin flora as well as strengthening and stimulating skin elasticity. Formulated with 99,99% pure nano silver particles immersed in clinically purified deionized water.

Protects your skin

Potion N°3 protects and strengthens your skin within seconds from its first application. Boosts skin regeneration and helps regulate the skin flora, strengthening and stimulating skin elasticity. Soothing and purifying it provides exquisite protection for your skin.

Repairs and heals

Hadens Potion™ N°3 regulates skin flora and its powerful, soothing, and purifying properties provide exquisite protection for your skin. In this way, Hadens Potion™ N°3 kickstarts the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. It helps promote the healing of skin and works great on all skin types, especially the breakout-prone.


Hadens Potion™ N°3 has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti-inflammatory quality makes it a skincare all-rounder, as nearly all skin issues — including redness, acne, and chronic conditions like dermatitis and rosacea — stem from inflammation. But its unique way of fighting off acne-causing bacteria is where colloidal silver really shines. The silver particles attach themselves to the proteins on the cellular wall of the bacteria, where they penetrate into the cell to disrupt the metabolic processes of the bacteria; leading to the death of the bacteria. Think of silver as suffocating the bacteria; cutting off its cellular respiration.

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