My name is Roger Haden, creator of the Hadens Potions product line that Rejuvenates and Restores Your Skins Youthfulness – Potion 1 beautifies and restores hair – Potions 2,3 and 4 rejuvenates and reverses skin ageing.

My background in medicine and an inherent interest in how the body works led me to develop these potions. Initially I studied medicine intent on becoming a pediatric plastic surgeon but life had other plans. My later research over some 15 years into the benefits of specific nano particles on human skin led me to the conclusion that they assist the human body in recuperating from illness and boosts the bodys natural healthy responses. Our bodies genetic code is fundamentally such that our bodies strive for optimal health always. Sickness and deterioration of physical and mental faculties are ultimately not the bodys choice, it is a lack of necessary minerals and metals.

Research & Production

I then started a company that worked closely with the foremost US experts in the field of nano supplements for human consumption. Their knowledge and expertise around the meticulous precision needed to produce these liquid supplements became invaluable to me when I later decided to pursue a beauty line using the same mechanism of production. What is used to produce these nano supplements so they are beneficial to humans is equipment developed by NASA to ensure that it is 100% pure and safe for humans.

Together with a swedish chemist specializing in nano liquids I then set out to find the best way to bring this to the public, you. After much research and testing, especially on our Hair Tonic, we went public with Hadens Potions in 2020. We are confident that you will find these spray mists quite astonishing in how they reverse the signs of ageing and we look forward to hearing back from all our customers with their experiences. It is especially gratifying that we have found a way to make this a sustainable venture that ultimately gives others joy and a chance for a better life.

Hadens Potions Research Manufacture Production

ROH Trade & Commerce

Our manufacturing plant and head office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. We manufacture all our products in-house under strictest medical guidelines and our distribution network is global.